How is pilates going to help you lose weight?

You’ve heard that pilates is going to tone your body and get you into shape.  You also probably know that any form of exercise is essential for weight loss (when combined with a healthy diet).  There are many forms of exercise options available to you to help you lose weight, including pilates, yoga, running, cycling, weight training and more… You’re probably wondering “But how is pilates going to help you lose weight?”. Pilates is a low impact style of resistance training that utilises precise movements to target specific muscle groups.  Now you know what pilates is, here’s some ways pilates is going to help you lose weight and how you can maximise your results.

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Pilates T-Zone Abdominals

Pilates Improves Muscle Tone

Pilates is resistance training, so you’re training your muscles to resist some pressure or force.  In turn, your muscles are getting stronger.  So how does this help with weight loss?  Muscle tissue burns more energy than fat tissue – during and after the workout.  This means the more muscle mass you have, the more calories you will burn throughout your day.  If you’re eating right this can help with weight loss.

Pilates burns calories 

We burn calories in our sleep, while we are sitting at our desks and while going for a high intensity run.  So it’s pretty obvious when I say Pilates burns calories…. However, when you add pilates training into your workout, you’re increasing the amount of calories you’re burning versus being sedentary. So in effect, just by coming to a pilates class you’re expending more energy and burning more calories.  All the important ingredients for weight loss.

Pilates T-Zone Abdominals

Pilates Improves Posture

Learning correct core techniques help you maintain a longer spine.  With a longer spine and stronger core you’ll noticed your posture improving. Good posture gives you a leaner, slimmer look – a look that exudes confidence… In turn you’re going to feel better, stronger and sexier – the perfect combination to motivate yourself to eat better ad move more!

Pilates T-Zone Abdominals

Consistency is key

Regular practice helps you get stronger muscles over time as well as positively impacting your lifestyle. You’re getting active and moving, and you’re likely to eat better when you’re feeling healthy!  Not only that, when you surround yourself with a like-minded community, you’re going to feel more supported to continue your practice, and it might spark a little friendly competition!

Pilates T-Zone Abdominals

There are many ways pilates helps you lose weight from physical to mental, giving you a holistic approach that is low impact, great for the long term and fun!  With a focus on targeting specific muscle groups, toning and strengthening the core, improving your posture – physically you’re going to feel stronger and leaner.  When you take those elements and combine them with an added confidence, those happy hormones floating around after a workout and the afterglow of a sweat session you’re bound to be motivated and more committed to a consistent, regular practice leading you to the desired weight loss goals you have.

Pilates T-Zone Abdominals

If you’d like to discuss your weight loss goals in confidence, please give our studio a call or email.  We would love to help you achieve your goals.  At Rebalance, working out is way more than just exercise, it’s about building a supportive community, healthy habits and creating a sanctuary where you can relax and focus on yourself.

how pilates helps with weight loss

Written by Daniella Pozzolungo – Rebalance’s Digital Marketing Manager

Daniella Pozzolungo - Digital Marketing Manager - Rebalance Pilates and Yoga
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