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My Irrational Fear of Yoga - Rebalance Pilates and Yoga Blog

Truly, for intelligent beings, I’m not really sure why we do the things that we do sometimes.   You see, for over 5 years, I have religiously written into my yearly goals program that I will go to yoga 3 days a week. Guess what? EVERY year, I’ve simply not done it.  I somehow have an irrational fear of yoga.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a pretty driven person and have achieved many of my other goals for loads of other areas I’ve set for my life.  To most people looking in, I suppose they would say I’ve got a pretty great life, international holidays a couple of times a year, great friends and family, excellent health, a business that is doing exceeding well, an awesome team that works with me to help people feel better, a true inner sense of purpose and awareness and appreciation of who I am.  For all intents and purposes, I’m actually really happy with my life and where I am at, however…

I absolutely used every excuse there is not to go to yoga. I’m too busy… It’s too cold… I can’t find the right studio… It’s too far to drive… I’m too tired blah, blah, blah…

So this year, with yoga on my list (again) plus an upcoming destination wedding and marriage to my beautiful partner fast approaching, I decided to look and feel the very best that I could before our wedding.

Actually, we both decided that it would be great to challenge ourselves to feel amazing, not JUST for our wedding day but for the rest of our lives and “up the ante” a little bit.  

Let me be clear, we both exercise and eat pretty well so we weren’t “tele-tubbies” but there were a few kilos that (if we were really honest with ourselves) would be better off gone.

So with my new decision in mind, I found Rebalance Pilates and Yoga and signed up to their new client offer and unlimited pass through MindBody.  

The funny thing was that I had lived near the studio for 18 months (within a 10 minutes drive!) and I thought that it was just for Pilates (whatever that was) so I simply dismissed it as not what I was looking for.

Fast forward to now

So I’ve finally booked in for my first class –  I was really nervous…What if I’m hopeless… what if people aren’t friendly… what if I can’t do it… what if I’m too old… what if everyone is beautiful and thin … and on and on my negative self talk went.

I actually nearly cancelled my class but (thankfully) my partner said, just go – you’ll love it.

And you know what, I really did!!!  

Being in the room, relaxing, moving, reconnecting to my body again felt amazing and (you guessed it) I came away kicking myself for putting it off for so darn long.  

Why did I do that?  

What stopped me from taking the first step and actually going?

Here’s the thing.  No one laughed at me and no one was mean or rude.  I could do it. Plus, it was actually really nice being in a class where everyone was doing their own thing.  They were challenging themselves and not competing against anyone else there.

My brain relaxed, my body relaxed and I came away so happy that for the rest of my unlimited week I decided to go as many times as I could to literally throw myself back into it and create an awesome new habit in my life!   I’m so glad that I finally made the decision to put myself first, stop my excuses and overcome my crazy fear of finally going to yoga.

Written by Kym Power – Rebalance Client and owner at Rejuvenators Health Massage


Kym - Rebalance Pilates and Yoga & Rejuvenators Massage

Do you also have a fear of yoga?  We understand, and are here to support you through it.  It doesn’t have to be scary and having a big support network around you can be the solution to working through it. Call or email us to find the right class and location for you. Joining the Rebalance Family means more than just a workout. We care about your wellbeing and have a supportive environment.  We prioritise your wellbeing and provide a sanctuary for you to come, relax and invigorate your body and mind.

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