What are the health benefits of Pilates?

Pilates has become a popular buzz word in the last decade.  It seems like there are new studios popping up all over the place.  The truth is, pilates has been around for a very long time. It’s founder, Joseph Pilates developed it in the 1920s.  So why has is all of a sudden gained popularity? Why is it so widely praised, who is this style of exercise for and what can be gained from this exercise style?  There are many health benefits of pilates.  It can be suited to all body types, all fitness levels and all genders and ages.  Here are 11 different health benefits of pilates.

Pilates can give you more energy

Because each pilates class focuses heavily on the breath, you’ll be ensuring you’re maximising every inhale and exhale.  You’ll be making your lungs wore more efficiently during the workout, and training them for better breathing outside of the studio.  Because you’re also focusing on correct form and technique, over time you’ll be sitting better, engaging the right muscles and breathing better.  All of this combined results in less energy wastage and a boost to your  mental health as well as physical, making you feel more energised more often!

Low impact makes it perfect for anyone with skeletal injuries/conditions

Our reformer machines are super low impact, and we focus on specific exercises to engage different muscles.  This means we can work around specific injuries or conditions by adjusting the exercise to suit your body.

It can reduce lower back pain by strengthening your core muscles

Lower back pain can mean that you have a weak core.  This is because your back muscles compensate for the lack of strength in the core and end up taking more of the daily load.  By strengthening your core (the main focus in pilates), you will be able to balance out some of the strain on the lower back.

Attending as little as 2 times per week can build lean muscle mass

Training on the reformers as little as two times per week can build lean muscle mass. Because reformer pilates allows you to increase resistance and difficulty as you progress, you’ll be adding strengthening your muscles as you go.

It targets your ‘trouble’ areas; triceps, waist, abdominals, thighs
Pilates is guaranteed to shrink your waist by strengthening your core, while also slimming your thighs and building long, lean muscles in the quadriceps and hamstrings.
Consistent participation can improve flexibility through increased range of Movement
The consistent practice of pilates will through a series of exercises that target smaller muscle groups, offer an increase in overall flexibility, allowing for greater range of movement.
Mastering the Pilates breathing technique can result in greater endurance during exercise
The pilates breath involves breathing into the upper ribs while expanding the abdomen and slowly exhaling as the abdominals are drawn in towards the spine creating a tightness through the waist and the activation of the transverse abdominals. The effective use of pilates breath in physical activity may result in controlled breathing, promoting endurance in high intensity cardiovascular activity.
Pilates is suitable for all fitness levels
Pilates is suitable for all ages from young fit and healthy clients to elderly clients managing injuries, the beauty of a pilates workout is that the instructor has the ability to modify the exercise to suit any individual at any fitness level.
Pilates Reformer can work every major muscle group in your body
The reformer machine was originally designed to condition olympic athletes, this powerful machine is used to perform hundreds of different exercises and often in one class the upper body, lower body and abdominals will all be targeted, allowing for a low impact full body workout that lengthens and defines in 45 short minutes.
Pilates workouts are great for weight loss
Pilates exercise supports healthy weight loss as a series of exercises are performed in one minute intervals to fatigue the muscle. In strength based training this would be a ‘super set’ and is used to increase muscle strength and definition. The same principle applies to pilates, only the weights are lighter and the exercises are more isolated. This method of training is popular for achieving muscle growth which means the participant then is able to increase their metabolic state to burn more energy and combined with a healthy diet this will result in weight loss.

Pilates is an exercise style that truly does suit every body type, age group and fitness level.  Reformer Pilates is a particularly favorable style of Pilates to try as a beginner as the low impact exercises combined with the support of the Reformer machine allow for a full body workout that delivers results in a short period of time.


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Health Benefits of Pilates - Rebalance Pilates and Yoga Blog

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Written by Shari Milneros – Strathpine Partner


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    There really are a lot of advantages to pilates that many people do not take into consideration. The article brings up a particularly good benefit when it goes over the fact that it can give you more energy. After all, it allows you to build up muscle mass, further allowing you to exert more energy when working out.

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