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If you have any questions that are not already answered below please email us via our contact page

Pilates Mat, Barre and Reformer – 45 Mins

Yoga – 60 Mins

Rebalance classes are for all ability levels. In pilates, we give different spring (or resistance) options as well as position modifications throughout the class so that you can self-adjust. However, if you have never been on a reformer before and are nervous about entering a class setting we offer all new clients the opportunity to take a private session for a discounted rate of $60. To schedule a private session please call 1300 652 935

Similarly, in yoga, we offer various options throughout the class so that you can also self-adjust.

We recommend that you wear comfortable fitness wear. Knee length or longer work-out pants are preferable. Members often bring water and a small gym towel. Grip socks are required for every pilates class. If you do not have them you can buy them in our studio.
We use an Online Booking System that is simple and easy to use. You can sign-up for classes as well as cancel if necessary online. If you have difficulty with our online scheduler please call 1300 652 935
The number of classes attended per week varies by member based on his or her ability level and overall fitness goals. That being said, most members attend class 2-4 times per week.
Members must cancel all scheduled classes 4 hours in advance. If you cancel less than 4 hours in advance you will be charged a No Show Fee of $10. With only 10 – 12 reformers, space is limited. We ask that you respect other members and cancel in a timely manner if necessary. No exceptions.

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