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  • unlimited mat, yoga and barre classes


  • any two classes


  • 3 reformer, unlimited mat, yoga, barre


  • unlimited classes

10 Packs

10 Pack - Mat Yoga Barre


10 Pack - Reformer


Casual Classes

Casual Class - Mat Yoga Barre


Casual Class - Reformer


2 Week Trial

Sign Up Today To Our Ultimate 2 Week Trial

  • up to 6 reformer classes, unlimited mat, yoga, barre

* Minimum 6 month term for our membership options.

Cancellation policy

When you commit to being a Family Member with Rebalance, we ask you to make that time a commitment to yourself. Minimum terms are 6 months. No long term contracts, no exorbitant start up costs to get started, just a commitment to rebalance your mind, transform your body and love your life!

How do I sign up?

This is the easy part. All you need to do is start with one of our trials the 2 Week Ultimate trial is our most popular. By doing this it allows us to see exactly what you enjoy, what is your preferred schedule and the results you want to achieve. But it’s also a chance for you to get to know us, find out what Rebalance is all about, put a face to the name, and realise that we aren’t your ordinary studio, we’re  much much more than that.