Rebalance is a boutique Pilates studio that focuses on providing the best quality services and building long-term relations with clients. We have been helping people all around Brisbane to improve their quality of life with our diverse yoga and Pilates classes. Our best yoga trainers utilize the combination of exercise regime and rebalancing of mind so that no client leaves the studio without the desired results.

Offering workouts is our core service. They are suitable for all fitness level students. What makes us special is that we focus on getting our clients to treat themselves with kindness. We create a positive and loving environment in our classes to offer mind relaxation. And yes, no transformation is complete without a nutritional framework. So, we also help with nutrition to help you lead a better life.

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Our key Qualities

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We offer our clients with best quality services and address their concerns in the right manner for a smooth process for class.

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Our friendly Pilates trainers in Glen Waverley strive to provide a loving environment in the class to maintain a motivational level.

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The low-impact and high-intensity workouts provide a safe environment for classes and reduce the risk of injuries.

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What makes us unique is our focus on rebalancing the mind and enabling clients to reconnect with their inner self.

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Our trainers also offer a nutritional framework for a healthy diet that will keep you active and fresh for working out.

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The trainers have designed workout plans that are suitable for beginners as well as for advanced level students.


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