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Online Yoga and Pilates Classes: Stay Safe During the Lockdown

Lockdown restrictions don’t have to come in the way of fitness anymore. Rebalance is offering online yoga and Pilates classes for its esteemed members. Can’t get to gym or fitness studio? Not to worry!

You just need a Wi-Fi connection and a gym mat. In fact, you can even use a good rug at home as a makeshift mat and you’re good to go!

Inactivity during lockdowns has caused health problems for a lot of us. This is where Rebalance Pilates and Yoga comes in. We’ve put together effective home workout plans that can help you in different ways. Our competent trainers are always available online to help you.

With Rebalance in your corner, you stand to gain in the following ways.

Practice at Your Own Time

Before COVID-19 was a thing, how often did you decide to join a gym/fitness studio only to then postpone the whole thing due to a lack of time? We’re guessing it happened a fair bit. However, those days are gone now!

The online sessions at Rebalance Pilates & Yoga Studios provide lots of flexibility. You can pick a time of day to practice based on YOUR convenience. Use your laptop or phone to register for your preferred session today and begin experiencing life-altering transformation.

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Online Yoga Classes with World-Class Trainers

Follow a workout plan specifically created for you by some of the best trainers in town, all from the comfort of your home. No more tiring commutes and traffic hassles either! If you haven’t already, get your Rebalance membership now and enjoy top-notch services as well as prompt results.

Choose Class Timings That Suit You

You want to take a power class after a full day of work but your studio only offers restorative Pilates and yoga. What to do? Not a lot, to be honest. Unless you’ve got access to what Rebalance has to offer.

These online yoga classes in Brisbane comprise a number of styles and workout options. Pick whatever you feel like doing on a particular day and have a good time!

Best Online Yoga Classes: Pause or Reset at Will

Tough, you can take a child’s pose anytime during the class. It also increases the chance you’ll miss a good portion of the workout. Luckily, not anymore! You can press “pause” anytime between exercises to catch your breath. More so, you won’t miss a single beat!

More Focus on Yourself

It’s easy to fall into a comparison trap while working out. However, with yoga and Pilates online, you don’t have anyone else around. As a result, you can PROPERLY FOCUS ON YOUR OWN POSTURES. Moreover, with outside distractions minimized, there will be nothing stopping you from giving total concentration to your exercises.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

The shift to online classes has turned out to be a benefit for the environment. Even if the studio was just a few miles away, you would have to use transportation, whether private or public. Luckily, with online classes, you can skip that commute and positively impact Mother Nature. With less fuel consumption, your carbon footprint will decrease significantly.

Makes It More Accessible

By looking for online Pilates classes near me,” you won’t have to skip any sessions. Our digital presence has put yoga and Pilates within the reach of everyone. Log in on your devices and start the workout anytime, anywhere.

We hope our online yoga and Pilates classes will help you become healthier and fitter. If you haven’t subscribed to our membership, contact us today!

Stay home, stay safe, and be healthy with Rebalance Pilates and Yoga.

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