The following is a post written by one of our members Rowena. We hope you enjoy it!

I was the fat clumsy kid at school.

The one ALWAYS picked last for teams. The hopeless one. There was nothing pleasant or reinforcing  about sport or games or exercise

I was flat footed, pigeon toed, knock kneed and very un coordinated. Still am.

I have poor spatial orientation. I have extremely poor motor planning.

(Seriously if you read my physio report and I was a horse, you’d take me out to the back paddock and shoot me).

I have almost always avoided sport/ physical activity/exercise. I associate it with feeling excluded, humiliated, frustrated.   Occasionally I would have a go – Aerobics, Zumba,   it was mentally exhausting. By the time I finally figured out what I was meant to be doing and have stopped crashing into everyone else, the moves changed.  I just get used to a routine and THAT would change. I spent more time stopping and watching than exercising. I would almost always leave a class feeling rattled and a bit silly.

Boxing and weights were better, but I wasn’t toning the way I should have been for the effort I put in. And I’d get injuries which didn’t seem right. There was something missing.

I put off pilates for ages. I looked at the sites a lot. The pictures of highly toned beautiful people in stunning poses put me off.

Then I tried reformer and everything came together.

You’re in a group but you’re on your own. The reformer ensures you have the right technique.   And there’s nobody to crash into. Everything gelled.  I began to tone up and trim down almost instantly

I got to the stage where I felt pretty confident with both reformer and mat.   So it was time to challenge myself.

Enter… Yoga…

The few Yoga classes I had tried previously were too similar to aerobics for my comfort – by the time I would figure what to do everyone else was 3 steps ahead. And there’s secret code words which meant nothing to me –  I felt cross and frustrated.    But mat and reformer classes have given me better balance, better flexibility and better body awareness.  Maybe NOW I’d find yoga easier. (I didn’t)

Then by accident I tried Yin. I had no idea what is was, but the time slot suited.

And it suits me.  There’s plenty of time to get myself physically organised. I thought I hated the first class – I certainly found it a struggle, but found myself looking forward to the next session. I definitely left feeling calmer, more focused, and more physically relaxed.

By the end of 50 days I was ADDICTED to yin yoga.   I found myself searching out those classes and booking  them in first and adding other classes around them.

The other things I have noticed are:

I am definitely much calmer. I am a type A personality and tend to go off like a firecracker = very  loud,  very amused, very cross, very upset, etc. etc.   I think after just a few weeks I am more ”even” –especially with the upset and cross emotions. I still feel both those things at the same times I would have – but not as much and not for as long.   (I am re balancing!!)I bounce back much more quickly. Once – if I fell off the rails –I’d think – of well I”ve done it now-and more or less give up. Now I find it much easier to view it philosophically as a bit of a bump and start afresh the next day – I’m not nearly as phased by plans going wrongI am finding it much easier to stick to healthy eatingI’m definitely sleeping very well and have plenty of energy

Can’t quite believe I’ve become as interested OR noticed such substantial changes in such a short space of time.

I’m very pleased with myself.


Can you relate to Rowena’s story? Could a taste of Yin Yoga change your perspective on things? Call or email us to find the right class and locationfor you. Joining the Rebalance Family means more than just a workout. We care about your wellbeing and have a supportive environment.  We prioritise your wellbeing and provide a sanctuary for you to come and relax.  Workout.  But workout with purpose with us!

Written by Rowena Luck-Geary – Rebalance Member

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