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Use Reformer Pilates as a Pro with These Tips

Even the most competent Pilates experts make mistakes on a reformer. Usually, these things happen at the end of a workout when you are feeling tired. Our specialists at Brisbane studio have shortlisted a few safety tips for using reformer Pilates.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced Rebalance member, these pointers will come in handy. So, without further ado, let’s get straight into them.

Make Sure You Take Time to Set Up

Bought the reformer for first-time? Remember, the key to safety is you should take time to set up everything. Follow the instructions on the manual carefully. Also, you can watch some videos online. It is safer to watch them before starting your yoga and Pilates workout. You can refer them as many times as you feel necessary to ensure you have set them up correctly.

Stand On Stable Platform First

Before stepping onto the reformer carriage to perform any split, make sure you keep the foot or hand on the stable platform first. For instance, while performing the side split, rest your foot on the Reformer’s edge before placing it on the carriage. As the carriage part moves, you want to ensure that you only move along with it when you are ready for the exercise. Doing this will provide you with the stability required to prevent injuries.

Don’t Ignore the Loaded Springs

Most Pilates workout equipment, including the Reformer, has springs attached to it. When loaded with tension, these springs support your body to perform specific movements that aren’t possible in their absence. Furthermore, they offer the resistance that gives your muscle a good workout.

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Put Your Hands on a Non-Slip Grip

If you tend to sweat a lot while practising, try to wear grip socks or a grip pad. It provides you extra comfort as well as offer safety so you won’t slip. If you are using our reformer Pilates at home, you can add the Thera band to the foot bar. It protects you from falling while practising the exercises.

Always Follow a Step-by-Step Progression

It is always better to start from the beginning while doing the yoga and Pilates workout. Even if you have years of experience working out, the Reformer requires a whole new skill set. Therefore, we would always suggest, to begin with, entry-level exercises on the machine so that you can prevent the chances of injuries. Also, it will give you a smooth platform to build a solid foundation for advanced movements.

If You Are Trying a New Exercise, Do It in Someone’s Presence

Pilates is a test for your body’s balance and stability. Therefore, if you feel uncomfortable or shaky on the carriage, ask someone else to help. There is no shame in asking for someone’s assistance; more so, it will save you from serious injuries. If you are working in the studio, trainers at Reformer Pilates and Yoga will help you do it the right way.

Avail the Benefits of Reformer Pilates in Brisbane!

Whether working out in the studio or at home, reformer Pilates in Brisbane will boost the session results. If you don’t have it at your house, visit our website to get one. It will keep you fitter and active; also, we guarantee the investment will be worth the money.

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