The answer to “Why is this happening to me?”

This post is a tribute to every woman who feels like nothing is quite working out…  With a shift in perspective it might seem that all of a sudden you a being presented with many opportunities to grow… So take hold of the fear, take hold of the uncertainty, and look for these opportunities in moments when life just seems like too much to handle…

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Opportunities To Grow

A Heavenly Cyclone, as I call them, are moments in your life when you feel like Life/The Universe is against you.

Nothing is going well.

You question everything and maybe even say something like “Why is this happening to me?

What I’ve come to find, is that moments like this are powerful opportunities to grow.

Heavenly Cyclones are wake up calls. They are making room for what’s trying to be born in your life.

But – we often try to stop the process. We hang on to how it was and fear how it could be. And perhaps we slip into assuming the worst, instead of preparing for something amazing.

You see, when you go through a crisis, a hard time, a moment of pain – there is always, and I do mean always, a light on the other side.

And just past the breakthrough, the new awareness, the inevitable “aha moment” you’ve been searching for – comes clarity.

You need not worry.

You need not assume the worst. But rather, surrender and allow vulnerability. You are not being punished; you are being prepared for something amazing…..

Prepared for more love.
Prepared for more clarity.
Prepared to inspire change in yourself and others.
Prepared for more awareness.
Prepared for your dreams.

When we step out into the scary unknown, we can be stifled with fear, and give in to our life falling apart.

We can choose to believe that when life falls apart, it’s not over, but rather the energy is moving, changing, shifting to reflect the changes in our inner world.

We need not fear the changes but embrace them with a feeling of sweet vulnerability knowing that positive change is coming.

And in doing so, we can begin to find peace within transition; we can bring meaning to loss, and we can find recovery within our addiction.

You are being prepared.

What no longer serves you is being removed from your life, and new life and a new power is coming to you.
At first it won’t make sense. But soon, you will know why things had to be the way they were.

Until then – Don’t stop a miracle in progress….

Your Rebalance Family xoxo

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