Fruit Vs Juice

Fruit vs Juice – what’s the difference? Is one better than the other?  We’re going to break it down for you so you can help make better food (and drink) choices!


Fruit itself consists of lots of sugar! I know! Shock horror! And we give these out at the studio? How unhealthy is that right? Well. Maybe it’s not that bad. After all an apple a day keeps the doctor away am I right? Well. Let’s talk about that. Juicing fruit versus eating whole fruits. It all comes down to sugar and fibre. Yep, the stuff that makes us poop!


Solid fruits have fibre. Very important. When we juice a fruit we often separate the pulp and take all the fibre out, and then we throw it in the bin * tear *. But it’s basically the same right? Well, not quite.

This fibre stuff is actually really important. The fibre helps our bodies break down the sugar.  Fibre has a time release effect on sugar so it almost drip feeds the body the sugar over a period of time, so we have sustained energy over a period of time, as opposed to a massive sugar rush in a quick hit.

Further, fibre fills us up! Have you ever notices when juicing some oranges how many oranges has it taken to make one whole glass?

(*drool* I love fresh orange juice!)

Anyway, back on track, how many oranges does it take for one glass? 2,3,4? You can easily drink that one glass of orange juice cant you? But would you sit there and eat 2,3 or 4 oranges? No! You would be sick of oranges by the time you’re onto your fourth! So basically the fibre also makes us full, which stops us from consuming an insane amount of sugar, versus having 4 oranges juiced.

Sugar + Fibre

Yes fruit has sugar but consuming it with fibre gives us energy over a longer period of time, and fills us faster and ensures we consume a more moderate amount of it.

Nature has a wonderful way of giving our body what it needs, its all here for you ready in a perfect snack size portion.  So opt for a piece of fruit instead of a glass of jucie next time you’re feeling like a little sweet snack. If you’re thirsty, try squeezing some fresh lemon or lime into some water!

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Written by Kerri Turner – Boronia Studio Manager

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