We are a boutique Pilates and Brisbane Yoga Studios providing it’s members with the BEST low-impact, high-intensity body transforming work-out around.

Rebalance your mind – Transform your body – Love your life


This is our core service. Offering body transforming Pilates Reformer in Brisbane & Barre classes in an efficient 45 minute full body workout. Our signature Transform System (insert trademark symbol) is suitable for all levels and will have you feel energised, toned and stronger in just a few sessions. Yoga is used to create an holistic approach to your overall mind and body program.


It all starts with the right attitude. First, you have to take action and connect with your “Why“. We create a positive, nurturing and loving environment to help people learn their current mindset patterns and re learn new ways of thinking, feeling and acting to get the best out of their lives.The mind is a powerful tool. Use it!


For optimum health, Nutrition and Movement go hand in hand. Any wellness program that doesn’t come with a nutrition component will fail, that’s why at Rebalance we build you a nutritional framework, empower you to ensure you feel energised, healthy and supported.

Our Services At Yoga Studio In Brisbane

At Rebalance, we guarantee to provide our Pilates reformer and Yoga members with the highest quality service from our Pilates and Yoga Transformation Coaches. Our coaches have real world experience working with Reformer Pilates Brisbane and Yoga results specifically for themselves and/or clients. The system we use has time and time again achieved the desired results. Helping people not only look better but actually feel happy in the journey!

What we will do for you. The first thing is we will get you to treat yourself kindly and with respect. Period! Secondly, we get you exercising do activities that you actually like doing!