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How You Can Stay Active & Healthy with our Yoga and Pilates Reformer At Home?

Now, you don’t have to depend only on coming to the studio to enjoy the benefits of yoga and Pilates. With our commercial-grade reformer, you can stay active & even healthy in the comfort of your home. It will help you to unite your mind and body through careful movements and controlled breathing. The reformer helps in creating external resistance as you perform the movements and helps with balance and alignment, which is a central practice of Pilates.

Not convinced yet? Our team at Rebalance Pilates and Yoga has shortlisted the physical and mental benefits that you’ll receive if you get the reformer.

Physical Benefits

Like any other exercise regime, Pilates has several benefits on your body. Some of them include,

Better Alignment & Balance

The reformer is a great machine to work on your lower back, abs, glutes, and hip area. The main focus of performing exercises on our reformer is to engage the right muscles that help in improving balance and alignment. It will also help you to keep the balance, especially when in motion. All these movements on our reformer Pilates in Brisbane will reduce the risk of getting an injury.

Builds Strength

Another advantage of getting our reformer is that it helps to build strength. Although Pilates may not help in burning tons of calories, with the resistance training included, it can assist to achieve long-term benefits like lean muscles and increased metabolism.

Helps in Recovering from Injury

The reformer is a phenomenal low-impact workout. All the exercises you perform on it are by laying down or in a sitting position. Only a little force is exerting on the joints, making it a great tool for people who are looking to recover from an injury. It helps by strengthening the muscles around the affected area and keeps the joints strong.

Mental Benefits

With our reformer Pilates machine in Brisbane, you’ll not only see physical benefits in your body, but it will also help with mental health in the following ways:

Integrating Body & Mind

The integral practice of a reformer Pilates is the synching of breath with the movement. As a result, you’ll see more awareness and attention to physical signals. It will allow you to control your breathing in an efficient manner that quiets and relaxes the mind.

Enhances Problem-Solving Capability

Doing reformer Pilates helps to concentrate on how the body and mind relate that automatically contributes to improved concentration. This effect has known to create better thinking and problem-solving capabilities among people.

Soothing & Calming

The rhythmic yoga and Pilates movement on the reformer has a soothing effect on the mind. For instance, many people have compared the experience to as though they were swimming. This experience and motion will help in calming the mind, therefore making it a great stress-reliever. At the start, people might feel scared of the reformer, but soon they will feel tension to physically work out of the body.

Pilates workout has always been an excellent way to increase strength and stability. With our reformer, these effects will be increased and can be achieved easily through the comfort of your home.

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